Axle Load Control System

‘REGNUM’ AR Dynamic Axle Weighing Scales enable both static and dynamic weighing of vehicles. In static weighing, the vehicle stops on the platform to let each axle to be weighed individually whereas in dynamic weighing the vehicle passes over the platform with a constant speed of approximately 5-8 km per hour. The weighing result can be viewed on a screen and total value/gross vehicle weight can be seen from the remote display unit. System is capable of easily handling even the busiest weighing traffic, the system can be integrated with a computer to produce audio signals in case of overloading and is able to keep records of all weighing operations.


The main objectives of the Axle Load Control Unit are:

  • ‘To contribute to ultimate reduction of overload in terms of both Gross Vehicle Mass GVM and Axle loading in accordance with the current regulations in the SI No 28 of 2007.

  • ‘To preserve and protect the life span of road and bridge infrastructure.

  • Reduce maintenance cost of Roads and Bridges for the country.
  • ‘Facilitating Investments through the conveyance of abnormal Loads to various sectors of the economy notably the mines.

  • ‘To enhance road safety by reducing risks for traffic accidents caused by overloaded Vehicles.To provide traffic flow statistical data for Planning and Designing of Roads and bridges.

Key Features of Regnum Axle Load Control System:


‘Our WIM Systems provides highly accurate weighing data of vehicles essential for pavement management as the damage by over-loaded trucks to the pavement is exponential as 10% increase in weight results in 40% increase in pavement damage.


‘RRL’s Slow Speed Weigh-in-Motion (SSWIM) System is a high accuracy low speed weighing approach ideally suited for commercial fleet axle weight monitoring and axle compliance.


‘RRL has installed a fully functional WIM system (for demonstration) at Batholi, Manikganj. The system was installed in 2008 and has been working without any fault with an average vehicle weight accuracy recorded at 99%. High Speed Weigh-in-Motion System (HSWIM).


‘HSWIM (High Speed Weigh In Motion) including traffic sensor loop which will accurately detect car position and helps to identify vehicle class.