Regnum Resource was established in the year 2004 primarily as a proprietorship company under umbrella of Sony Chocolate Industries Ltd. to associate with International Road Dynamics (IRD) of Canada to undertake jointly a contract of Roads and Highways department for supply,installation, test and commission first ever Axle Load Control Station of Bangladesh at two locations,Bathuli, Manikgonj and Borodarogarhat, Sitakunda,Chattogram Successful completion of this contract and there after opening of the scope of axle load control systems in wider perspective,need to upgrade the company became urgent and Regnum Resource was registered and incorporated as a limited company in the year 2007.In a span of only ten years Regnum Resource Ltd bloomed into Regnum Resource group of companies by its inherent quality and modern management concepts associated with its young and talented team members.Regnum Resource Group by its commitments to quality products and services with self-reliance for company,community and country has always tried to reach close to the liking of people of Bangladesh.Regnum Group concerns : Regnum Real Estate, Regnum Architects, Axle Load Control Systems, Rahmans’ Regnum Centre commercial properties by now have built and established their heights in the

well-known and trusted concerned circles of technology and commerce. Regnum resource group now contributes significantly in economic growth of Bangladesh,by import substitution social responsibility participation and development oriented undertakings. Regnum Resource Ltd mainly specializes in Traffic management system installation operation and maintenance. It has grown up as the market leader of Traffic Management products and systems technology companies in Bangladesh, It operates and maintains Axel Load control systems by using of world class smart technologies like Slow Speed Weigh in Motion (SSWIM) and High Speed Weigh in Motion (HSWIM). It is the only company that can provide specialized Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) all over the Bangladesh.It is the only one company certified by the Roads and Highway Department (RHD) for operation and maintenance of Axel Load control systems. It has endeavored to provide maximum level of satisfaction service to Roads and Highway department all over the Bangladesh. Regnum usually use world class smart technologies,computer based updated software and hardware equipment system from International Road Dynamic (IRD), Canada and ESIT,Turkey/(VaaaN Infra, India). Over more than last 10 years, Regnum Resource Ltd had been providing this service to its clients specially RHD with their full satisfaction.